Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Hook and a prayer is all we have....

A hook and a prayer (and a bunch of yarn), that's literally all we have to start with on this journey and those who will eventually start reading this blog will be along for the ride.  You'll get to see upcoming projects and the craziness behind the scenes.  The ups, the downs....what works, what doesn't.

For the most part I'll probably be narrating our little entrepreneurship adventure.  Just praying that it works, lol.

Time to meet the players.  

My name is Melanie.  I'll keep it simple for right now since you'll get to know us as we go along but here's the basics, I'm a mother of three and I've been crocheting since I was around 12ish.  My first blanket looked more like a trapezoid lol but I never gave up.  I decided to go to smaller things like baby hats and baby blankets.  Now that I'm older I love to try different techniques and do different patterns.  My children love that I crochet because they can wear their favorite characters.  What they don't realize is that while I pretend they drive me up the wall to make them their favorite item, I'm actually excited inside because it's another reason to pick up a hook.  When they say crocheting is therapeutic it really is, I know it's helped me through many trials.

Hi! I'm Lisa, mom to 3 boys and a chocolate lab, and married to my best friend. I learned to crochet when I was 12, but didn't fall in love until I picked up some yarn and new needles when was in my 20's. After years of gifting baby blankets, hats, and other gifts we've decided to start a business of our own. We'd love for you to follow us on this new journey!

Now that you've met us let's get this show on the road.

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